What to know about Atlanta’s upcoming events for next week

Atlanta, Georgia — If you have an idea for a trip to Atlanta, the City of Lights, you can submit your ideas to the city’s “Art & Science” committee.

The committee will then decide what to do with your ideas.

To submit ideas, visit the city council’s website and fill out an application form.

The art and science committee will select the best of the best to submit ideas for a 2019 Atlanta Art & Science Festival.

In 2019, Atlanta will host its first annual Art & Social Festival, a celebration of the arts and culture.

Here are the full schedule of events, which will be open to the public starting Thursday, June 29.

Saturday, June 30, 7 p.m.

— Artist/Designer/Artist/Artist: Kaela Vann is an artist and visual artist from Georgia who works as a freelance graphic designer.

Her works have been exhibited in New York and New Jersey, and she is a member of the Atlanta Society for Creative Anodyne and a member in the International Board of Art Directors.

Saturday July 7, 7:30 p.s.

— The Georgia Museum of Art will open its new permanent collection with the installation of its first permanent installation in nearly 50 years.

The installation is called The Color of Light, an abstract installation inspired by the work of a Japanese artist.

It is located in the Georgia Art Museum’s Georgia State Historic Landmark Building.

It opens Saturday, July 7.

Sunday, July 8, 7 a.m.-noon — Atlanta’s first ever “snowboarding” festival will take place Saturday, August 2 at the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta.

This year’s theme is “Wintery,” and is dedicated to the “Wintertime,” the snowiest time of the year.

There will be a number of skis, snowboarders and snow-mobile riders participating.

The theme is meant to reflect the seasons and to bring the people together.

Saturday August 8, 9:30 a.s., noon-1 p.p.m., Atlanta Zoo — The Atlanta Zoo’s annual “Ski Camp” will begin on Saturday, April 21 at 10 a.l.s at the Zoo.

Skiers, snowboardsers and sled dog sledgers can participate.

The Zoo will also offer free, guided “Winter Wonderland” tours during the camp.

Sunday August 9, 9 a.r., noon — The Museum of Contemporary Art will host the first-ever “Discovery” exhibit on the Atlanta Art Museum.

The exhibit, titled “Georgia,” features original paintings and works of art by artists including Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Crumb, and others.

The show will open Sunday, August 9 at 7 p,m.

and is open to public.

Monday, August 10, 7-9 p.t.

— Atlanta Symphony Orchestra will host a free performance of its annual “Bluegrass Song” series of concerts on Sunday, October 5 at 7:45 p.b.s on the Symphony stage.

This event will include performances by Atlanta native and Grammy Award winner, Hank Williams Jr., as well as local and national artists, including local blues, folk, country, and gospel artists.

The concert will be followed by an evening of live music.

Monday-Tuesday, October 10, 6-10 p.r.m.; Georgia Opera House — The Gaithersburg Opera House is hosting its annual Christmas Eve Sing-Along, which is scheduled for Sunday, November 4.

This concert will feature original Christmas songs and a selection of family favorites.

This is a family-friendly event that is free and open to all.

Free admission is recommended.

This program will also feature performances by local artists.

Tuesday-Wednesday, November 10, 8-10:30:30p.p., Atlanta Farmers Market — The Farmers Market is holding its annual Halloween celebration on Sunday November 11.

This free event will feature local, regional and national food trucks, local craft vendors, and an exciting pumpkin festival.

The event will be free and all ages are welcome.

Wednesday-Thursday, November 11, 6 p.l., 7 p., 8 p., 11:30-1 a.t., 7-11 p.c., 12-3 p.i., 12:30, 3-7 p.a., 7:15-8:15 p.d., 5-8 p.y., 10:30a-2 p.j., 2-6 p.o.

Friday, November 12, 9-11 a.p.-1 p, 2-4 p.e., 2:30c., 3-6:30 c., 3:30d, 6:30e, 7p, 8:30b-10p, 11a-3p, 7b-9p, 1-4p, 5-7p, 10a