Brisbane bus, hotel and leisure park to close due to drought

The Brisbane Bus, Hotel and Lifestyle Park is closing its doors, leaving thousands of tourists without access to a local venue, according to a report.

The Queensland Tourism Council said the closure of the popular tourist destination would have a significant impact on its businesses, as many people would need to travel to another destination.

Tens of thousands of people from all over Queensland would need accommodation, accommodation on the road, transport to and from the tourist attractions, and accommodation at the community venue.

The decision comes after a drought that has left many people unable to enjoy the Brisbane region in recent years.

It is estimated that more than 10 per cent of the area is affected by water scarcity, and as the state struggles with the issue, some locals are saying that the closure could be a wake-up call for others.

A spokesperson for Queensland Tourism said that while the Queensland Government would not be able to cover the cost of the closures, it would be a priority to help people get home safely.

“The decision to close the Queensland Bus, the Brisbane Hotel and the Lifestyle Parks was made due to the impact of this drought, the economic impact on businesses and the significant impacts on community tourism,” the spokesperson said.

“In some cases, some of these services will be affected by the closure, so businesses will need to relocate to another location.”

Queensland is one of the worst affected states by the drought.

“The Queensland Government has said it will continue to offer its assistance to people affected by drought.

The spokesperson said that it was important to remember that people from other parts of Queensland would still be able access the Queensland Tourism Centre and the Queensland Lifestyle Centre, both of which are open.

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