Mexico City’s famous ‘night sky’ has been renamed “Night City” as the country struggles to recover from Super Typhoon Yolanda

A Mexican city’s night sky is now dubbed Night City by locals after the death of a local tourist, who fell from a building in a bid to watch a local fireworks show.

The “Night Sky” monument, located in a neighborhood of Guadalajara in Mexico City, was designed by a local architect who wanted to honor the memory of the man who died from a fall on May 23.

The monument was created after a local man fell to his death from the top of the “Night” tower.

Local authorities told the Associated Press that they decided to rename the monument after the man after seeing the monument in pictures posted online by local people.

The official said he had not seen the monument’s actual name until a friend shared it with him.

The city of Guadaquil, Mexico, is the second most populous city in the country after the capital, Mexico City.