Lake George and Pompeii Sightseeing Tours: An overview

We are excited to bring you a look at our first-ever Lake George Sightseeing Tour, taking place May 7-12.

This unique sightseeing adventure offers a glimpse into the beautiful Pali Hills in the Pali Mountains and the amazing lake environment in the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re a visual traveler, you’ll want to get your head out there and experience this new experience before it closes.

Lake George is a popular destination for people of all ages and abilities, and offers a great opportunity to explore the Palisades.

The Pali Heights are a cluster of volcanic ridges that rise from the ocean at a steep angle to the Pacific.

These ridges provide beautiful views of the Pacific and the Palio Mountains, as well as the Pacific Ocean.

There are numerous hiking trails throughout the Palios that offer great opportunities for family and friends to take in some amazing scenery.

For those looking to take a different route, the Paliolas trail system offers several unique attractions, including the Paliacos Pali Trail, a series of sandstone trails that lead to a stunning view of Lake George.

For this tour, you will be treated to the sights, sounds, and smells of Lake GEORGE.

The tour is an excellent opportunity to experience the Palian Peninsula and see the beautiful Pacific Coast and the stunning Pacific Coast Preserve.

The Pima National Forest, which extends across northern Arizona and Nevada, is a spectacular natural beauty that encompasses many of the Palias most spectacular sights, including Lake George, the largest lake in the world.

To take in this amazing experience, plan to arrive by 7:00am on Monday, May 7.

The Forest is open to the public from 7am-9pm and is open during the daytime.

This tour is a great way to see the Palieis most spectacular attractions and enjoy the breathtaking views from the Paliaman.

Reservations for the tour can be made online at, by calling 1-866-743-6388, or by calling the tour coordinator, Mary B. Krawczyk, at 602-271-5520.