When does the new Nashville Transit Authority buses leave?

By MARK MARTIN, Staff WriterPosted July 01, 2019 07:56:17As the Nashville Transit Commission works to reopen the old Metro bus terminal, a group of Nashville area residents is asking the agency to give the city some time to look at other options for reopening the transit hub.

“The reason why we’ve been here for so long is because we have a lot of good transit options,” said Mark Martin, who lives on the south side of the city.

“We don’t need to be going anywhere else.

But we have some options.

We could get to some other places, or we could be able to do this.”

Nashville is a long way from its downtown hub, but the area that includes Nashville’s historic South End is a place that’s full of opportunities.

There’s the transit center, a museum, a music venue and many other attractions.

The Metro Center, however, is located on a stretch of road that has been the site of construction projects.

It’s a stretch that’s mostly filled with parking lots and other businesses that were demolished.

Martin and others have been pushing the transit agency to consider alternatives.

The group has been lobbying for the new Transit Center to be relocated to an existing building in downtown Nashville.

That’s a proposal that would include the Metro Center and a new bus station in downtown.

Nashvillians have been asking the transit authority to consider moving the Metro Transit Center in recent years, but no action has been taken yet.

In October, a city commission committee approved an amendment to the city’s Comprehensive Plan that would allow the transit station to be moved, though it was not a formal proposal.

Martin and others say they think the transit project is a key piece of the transit network, so the agency should consider reopening it in the future.

“It would be great to see a new station, but right now it’s kind of an afterthought,” Martin said.

“We need to see the full scope of the infrastructure and how the bus system functions.

The Metro Transit system has been a good thing for the city.”

The transit agency is still looking at other possible options for relocating the Metro Transportation Center.

The agency is currently working with the Tennessee Department of Transportation to identify and identify potential sites for the project, but some of the potential locations are still in the early stages.

Nancy Eberle, who has been working on a book about Nashville’s history as a city, said the transit system is part of the fabric of Nashville.

She said the Metro system has a large number of stops that connect the neighborhoods.

“When we have bus service, we have access to those places,” Eberles book says.

“That is a really important piece of that fabric of the Nashville that we’ve lost over the years.”

The city commission is scheduled to vote on the new amendment to Nashville’s Comprehensive Planning Plan on Thursday.