See how a new way of eating and drinking can change the way you see the world

What is the world’s most exciting restaurant?

We’ll let you choose.

A new way to eat and drink.

A big city with an iconic skyline.

The new city of the future.

How many new restaurants have opened in the last year?

More than you probably thought.

What’s the best way to get to know the city?

Visit the city.

What do you love about the city that you’re visiting?

We’re always looking for more.

What is your favorite restaurant in the area?

We love everything from a great seafood place to an incredible coffee shop.

We’ve even had some great ones come out of the kitchen.

What are your favorite food destinations?

It’s tough to pick just one.

We have a couple of really great food destinations that you can visit, including the legendary La Leche League and our newest addition to the list, The Coffee Factory.

We’re excited to have some new locations in our sights as well.

Where can I stay in Kyoto?

Our hotel is located at the top of the castle in Kyoto.

You can check our latest hotel reviews to see what else we’ve got in mind.

If you’re traveling to Kyoto, we highly recommend visiting the Museum of Contemporary Arts to see the latest exhibitions.

Do you have a hotel near your Kyoto office?


The Tokyo Hilton offers a very popular Kyoto-themed hotel.

We do have one of our favorite locations near the Hotel Nippon (which is also located near the Museum), but it’s not the only Kyoto hotel nearby.

Check out our Kyoto Hotel reviews for more information.

Where is Kyoto?

Kyoto is a beautiful city, with a charming downtown and a wide array of restaurants and shopping to choose from.

The city is a great place to visit for the summer, and the weather in Kyoto is always perfect for a hot and humid day.

Where are the best sights to see in Kyoto, and what should I do if I want to see them?

The most beautiful sights in Kyoto are the Kanamachi Bridge, a long, curved suspension bridge, and Kanamochi Temple, the tallest Buddhist temple in the world.

Both are accessible by the famous Kanamachisetsu train and can be reached by car from all major towns in the city and the surrounding area.

We love the views from Kanamichisetsu Bridge, especially the view from Mount Fuji.

We also love the view of Mount Fuji from Mount Kanamichi, but it can be challenging to get from Kaname, the most famous peak in the mountains, to Kanamanchi Temple.

Kanamacho Temple is a gorgeous landmark, but we’d recommend staying for the best views of Mount Kanemoto, which is just over two miles away from the Kaname summit.

The Mount Fuji, Mount Kita, and Mount Oki also all have fantastic views of Kyoto, but for more on the best places to see Kyoto in summer, we suggest you check out our summer guide.

If there are any other sights that we forgot, please let us know.