How to book a sightseeing excursion for your family at upstate New York

If you’re planning on seeing upstate in 2019, you’ll need to know where to go, according to a guidebook published by the Upstate Tourism Authority (UTA).

“Upstate is the best place to be in the fall,” the guidebook says.

“You can go to a few different spots and get to know the region and it’s not as expensive as you think,” it continues.

The guidebook, called Upstate Sightseeing Upstate, includes some of UTA’s best-known destinations and is available to buy online. “

You can also go to scenic overlooks and get a little bit of exercise.”

The guidebook, called Upstate Sightseeing Upstate, includes some of UTA’s best-known destinations and is available to buy online.

It’s the first guidebook to be published by UTA and comes after a number of guides on the website were pulled due to complaints over its content.

In the guide, the agency advises travellers to visit “several popular locations in the Finger Lake State Park” for a “stunning” trip, including “an awe-inspiring view of the Finger, the Statue and the Grand Central Station”.

The guide also gives a list of recommended stops along the Finger River Trail and other popular places for visitors to spend a night in New York.

There are plenty of local attractions to visit along the trail including the Finger Waterfall, which can be reached in less than a half-hour.

The guide says “an unforgettable visit” can also be had on the Finger Island National Park, “a stunningly beautiful area with more than a dozen waterfalls”, including the “Big Slide” at the foot of the Statue.

“The Finger Lakes have a wonderful and varied collection of wildlife, from waterfowl to the iconic Black-throated Owl.

The most beautiful part of the park is the Statue’s iconic lighthouse,” it says.

There’s also a “massive and well-preserved” collection of cultural history sites, including a collection of artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries.

“It is the only state park in New England that has a history of being home to both Native Americans and immigrants,” the UTA says.

It advises travellers “to be on the lookout for some of New England’s most scenic locations, such as the Finger Canal, the Finger Rock, the Rock Island River and the Finger Mountain”.

“There is a whole range of amazing things to do in New Hampshire,” it adds.

There is also a section on “a unique New England heritage district that includes a beautiful stone archipelago of islands”, which is “an incredible place to explore the local culture and the local food”.

“You’ll also discover many amazing sights and experiences along the way,” it said.

The New Hampshire Department of Tourism and the State Historic Preservation Office both released a statement about the guide book on Thursday.

“We are grateful to the Upstaters for the excellent and detailed information that they have provided,” Tourism and Preservation Secretary Kevin Hagen said in a statement.

“This guidebook is a great place to start for visitors who want to get a taste of New Hampshire’s rich and varied history and culture.”