How much do you spend in Costa Rica for sightseeing?

Costa Rica’s tourist sector is one of the biggest in Latin America.

It is the second-largest destination for foreign tourists in the world after Mexico, accounting for almost a third of all tourists.

Costa Rica ranks fifth in the global ranking of foreign visitors, after Mexico and Canada.

It also has the highest number of visitors per capita in the region, according to the UN World Tourism Organization.

Costa Rican tourists spend $1.1 billion annually, according the Costa Rican Tourism and Culture Ministry, while Mexican visitors spend $2.5 billion annually.

There is a big difference in the cost of sightseeing.

While Costa Rica is known for its beaches, it also has some of the most expensive hotels and resorts in the Americas, according a study by research company Zagat.

That’s due to the country’s high cost of living, which has resulted in many people deciding to stay at home and eat at home instead of going out.

Some of the priciest spots to visit are in the town of Costa Rica, which sits in the north of Costa Rican territory and is located in the province of Oaxaca.

The beachfront town of Ocala is known as a hot spot for tourists, with the beachfront restaurant known as the “hot spot for the day” for many travelers.

The town’s famous Ocara Beach is popular with the locals and many of them travel to the beach from nearby towns and cities in the south.

Ocana Beach is a popular destination for tourists to take their children to.

In addition, Ocama Beach in the village of Santa Cruz is a major tourist destination.

The most popular tourist attractions in Ocamparay are the Ocambia National Park and the Ocotillo National Park.

Other popular tourist spots in Ocotlomos include La Palma de la Cosa, a popular shopping district, and the Cosa del Rey, which is known to be a popular place to take your dog for a walk.

Ocotlo Beach, in the municipality of Palma del Rey.

Ootlomoco is located on the south coast of Costa Rico.

This is where most of the tourist sights are located.

Ootosco, a beach popular with families, is located off the main coast of Ocotla.

It has a beach club and a beach bar, and is also a popular spot for sight-seeing.

Costa Ricans also enjoy a number of other beautiful beaches throughout Costa Rica.

In the municipality Ocua, there are many parks, including the Pampas and the Santa Cruz Islands.

In Ocotlia, the town is famous for its famous Copacabana beach, and in the coastal municipality of Bocas del Toro, there is a park with a beautiful waterfall, among other beautiful spots.

Costa Rico is home to some of Latin America’s most beautiful beaches.

There are some of them in Oceania, and Costa Rica has some other places to go.

For instance, Costa Rica sits on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean.

It sits at the head of the Bering Strait and is surrounded by water.

Oceaneo is located to the south of the southernmost part of the country, on the Pacific coast.

Oceanside is a beach in Ocaña, which was popular with tourists during the 1970s.

Ocañas beach is also the site of a popular tourist destination, where locals go to catch waves and swim in the sea.

Other famous spots for sightshaking include Ocotlan and the resort of Santa Maria de las Américas.

Octeles is a coastal town in Costa Ricos southern province of Santa Catarina.

It was known for being a tourist haven during the 1980s and 1990s, and was a popular location for people to go to.

Ocanes beach is popular for sight seeing, with visitors stopping to swim and enjoy the ocean.