How to spot a new ‘cave man’ in Naples

A new species of cave man has appeared in Naples.

The creature, a member of the family Theridontidae, has been spotted by the team of scientists studying the cave in the municipality of Perugia.

“It is a very rare and unique cave-man species in Naples,” the team wrote in a paper on their website.

“They are small, round-bodied, and have small eyes.

The species is not found in the city, and is only seen in its natural habitat, which is a cave near the village of Castelfranco.”

A team of six scientists, led by the director of the Centre for Conservation of the New World Archaeological Site (CPANOS), Giuseppe Sperling, visited the cave on April 19.

The team discovered a hole with a hole in the floor, and also found a body of water where the creature’s feet were stuck, and the body of a man, which they believed to be its parent.

They also found the carcass of a dog which they believe to be the male, and two young men, which were believed to have died before they were discovered.

The discovery was reported in the journal Scientific Reports.