This is a photo of the sights in Kanchanaburri, Queensland, where a man has been charged with a hate crime

A man who allegedly posted an offensive message on Facebook about a group of Muslims has been arrested.

Key points:A 29-year-old man from Queensland has been booked into the Brisbane Magistrates Court after allegedly posting a Facebook message on the social networking site that attacked the group of peopleThe man was released from custody after posting $200 bailThe man is charged with harassment and offensive behaviour and will appear in court tomorrow morningMr Joseph, who was charged in the Queensland Magistrates court, was released on bail and will be taken to the Brisbane City Court for further proceedings.

A 29 year-old Queensland man was arrested on Tuesday morning on suspicion of harassment and posting offensive material on Facebook.

The man, who cannot be named, was taken into custody after police were called to a home in Cootamundra about 1.30am (AEDT) on Tuesday.

Police said the man had posted a Facebook post that attacked a group known as the “Muslim community in Queensland” on Facebook and was threatening to attack a Muslim man in Croydon who was attending a religious service in Cydonia.

“He was upset with the Muslim community in Brisbane,” Detective Sergeant Matt Broughton from Brisbane’s Organised Crime Command said.

A police officer in Creswick, Cootaloo, was also arrested on suspicion he had posted offensive material about Muslims on Facebook while on duty.

Police said another man was also charged in connection with the Facebook post.

“They were all charged with the same offence of harassing a person,” Detective Superintendent Broughtons said.

“We can’t make any statements in relation to who the other two men are at this stage.”

Mr Joseph has since been released from the Brisbane Police Department’s Brisbane Youth Justice Centre.

Detective Sergeant Broughons said the group was not aware of the Facebook posts being made.

“He’s not being seen in the community,” Detective Sgt Broughsons said.

Police are also investigating whether a number of the members of the group, including the men from Queensland, had been previously involved in offending.

It is believed Mr Joseph’s post was a response to a Facebook comment by another man who had said the same thing about the Muslim population in Queensland.

Det Sgt Boughsons told reporters he believed there had been a “frequent and violent” dispute with members of one of the groups.

He said police were trying to establish the cause of the dispute and that there was no evidence the men had acted alone.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit