How to create a Google Maps tour of the Las Vegas Strip

How to build a Google Map tour of Las Vegas?

I’ve got a good friend who wants to make a tour of Vegas, but he wants to do it in a more Google-esque fashion.

This is how he does it.

Here’s how to make this tour, using Google Maps:1.

Open Google Maps 2.

Find your destination3.

Select a point of interest4.

Click the search bar to open the search menu.5.

Choose “View Street View”6.

On the map screen, tap the “View” icon on the top right of the screen.7.

In the View menu, tap “Roads”8.

Select the street you want to visit.

It may not be in Las Vegas, for example, but it may be in any of the surrounding areas, such as a neighborhood or shopping district.9.

You’ll see a line of cars, usually parked in a specific area, along the road you select.10.

You can tap on the road to zoom in and out, and zoom in on specific areas of the road, such to the intersection of a street or intersection with a building.11.

If you zoom in to the car, you’ll see the road’s address on the map.12.

You may have to tap on it to reveal the address.13.

You’re done!

You can click “Go” to return to the search screen.

I’ve added a few additional features to make the tour more interesting.

You have to scroll down the list of options to select the one you want, and you can also choose from “Highlight” to show the full map of Las Venias main streets and highways, or “Hide” to hide the map altogether.