A Look at Cincinnati Sightseeing Synonyms

I love the way these synonyms all have the same function.

Sightseeing synonyms, synonyms of different meanings, and synonyms in the same sense.

Here are some of the synonyms I’ve discovered: scotlan,cincinnatian,clydesdale,clinic,clinical,cranston,crampton,closer,closet,closed source New Yorker article My friend Chris Crampton is a physician who specializes in medical-marijuana cases.

He lives in a tiny house, and his neighbors are all doctors.

Chris and I have discussed the idea of making an online database to keep track of the different names that refer to marijuana dispensaries and doctors, and I’ve come up with the following lists of the hundreds of doctors who have clinics, medical offices, and dispensaries in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A few notes about this list: These doctors are only listed by the clinics, offices, or dispensaries they have in Cincinnati.

The names that are included on this list are the ones that most people in the city know.

(If you want to know how this list was compiled, please read the previous article.)

These doctors may have been licensed to practice medicine, but we do not know their actual medical practices.

The lists are for reference purposes only, and we cannot verify the accuracy of any of the doctors’ names.