Arkansas sighthunting for 2019: A $2 million event for 2019

Arkansas’ historic downtown is going to be a sightseeing destination again for 2019, but this time with a bigger budget.

The Arkansans Heritage Trail Foundation has announced a $2.5 million outdoor festival that will take place Aug. 3-6 at the downtown Arkansas Convention Center.

The event is billed as the first of its kind in the state and comes on the heels of the annual Heritage Trail Festival in March that attracts nearly 1,000 people and features more than 3,000 vendors from all over the country.

Organizers say the event will bring together people from all walks of life to experience the beauty of the city and the history of the Arkansas River.

The festival will also feature a variety of events including a horse riding competition, a children’s parade and a dance competition.

“It’s going to take place on the second Saturday of every month and it will be one of the biggest outdoor festivals in Arkansas,” said Scott Fink, president of the Arkansa Heritage Trail foundation.

“The city is very proud of this project and we hope this will really give people an opportunity to get out and enjoy this beautiful area.”

Fink said the event is aimed at providing a good opportunity for visitors to enjoy the city for free and to get a taste of the historic downtown.

The foundation is planning a number of other events and events throughout the year to help support the city’s efforts to preserve and protect the region’s natural resources.

For those that are interested in coming, the festival is $50 a person.

It will begin at 8 a.m. with a guided walk around downtown and then a free concert at the Downtown Arkansaw Music Festival.

For $20, you can take a tour of the Downtown Center, where the Arkanan State Library is located.

For those who would rather enjoy a private event, they can purchase a ticket at the event venue.