A view of Avis from the comfort of a gondolas – ‘You’ll see something else’

Avis Sightseeing in Austin Texas, the oldest tourist attraction in the United States, will be shut down for the duration of the solar eclipse on January 21st.

According to the Austin Chronicle, the Avis Gondola tour will be closed on January 23rd, which will be a “short period of time” during which it will be open to the public only during those two hours.

“Avis Sightings has been experiencing delays in the planning and implementation of its solar eclipse events for months.

After several requests from members of our community, we are taking the decision to close this event for the remainder of the eclipse,” the statement said.

“During this short period, all of AVIS’ facilities will be turned off.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our guests and the community.”

The closure of A.S. Gondolas will be the second time in two years that Avis has been forced to shut down its sightseeing tours due to the eclipse.

The company has also cancelled the opening of its Austin Sightseeing Gondolas for two weeks in 2016, citing “concerns related to a small number of people being injured during a recent tour”.

Avis’ closure comes after the company has been in talks with Austin’s city council to expand the company’s solar eclipse event to a bigger park in the city, as well as expanding its Gondolo tours to other locations around the world.

“We are very grateful for the support we have received from our friends and community and look forward to working with the City of Austin to find a way to extend the event to other places, including Canada, Japan, and beyond,” the company said in a statement.

“Austin is one of the world’s best-known tourist destinations and we will continue to provide the world-class experience that our guests expect.”

In 2016, Avis shut down tours to Toronto after a solar eclipse.