How to find Oakley’s best sightseeing spots in New York

As you travel to and from the city, there are a lot of places you might miss.

Here are 10 places to visit in the city you may have missed.


Coney Island This famous tourist hotspot has long been home to the famous Coney Islands amusement park, and is a great place to go for a day of sightseeing.

The island is well-known for its spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and is also home to Coney’s famed Bowery Barns.


Astoria This quaint little town on Long Island has a great atmosphere.

The Astoria is famous for its fine dining and its popular beer, wine and cheese parlours.

It’s also a great spot to relax on a Saturday night, and the area is home to numerous live music venues.


Battery Park, Brooklyn The former home of the world famous Battery Park is home of several historic attractions including the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and many others.


Brooklyn, NY This popular tourist destination is the oldest continuously operating tourist attraction in the US and boasts some of the best views of Manhattan.


Huntington Beach This beautiful town is home the Huntington Beach Pier and a popular location for day trips to the beaches of Southern California.


Midtown Manhattan The city of Manhattan is home a huge collection of art galleries, museums and historic buildings, with many of the most popular attractions being the Museum of Modern Art, the New York Public Library and the National Gallery of Art.


Battery Hill In the heart of Midtown, the Battery Hill Museum is the largest and most impressive collection of public art in the United States.


Battery Spring, NY It’s a popular spot for lunch and dinner, and there’s plenty of other things to do along the waterfront, including a fantastic food market and a wide range of restaurants and bars.


Astor Place in Brooklyn The Astor Street Pier is the perfect place to view the water.


Battery Square In the center of Battery Park in Brooklyn, the famous Battery Square is a vibrant tourist destination.

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