Chicago Sightseeing Tours, Nightlife & more at the Lakeview Casino & Resort

Chicago, Illinois, November 10, 2017 – The Lakeview casino & resort announced today that it is adding Nightlife to its lineup of entertainment.

The Lake View Casino & Resorts is bringing back its first-ever weekend of nightlife at the Resort, which will begin on Sunday, November 15 and run through December 4.

Nightlife features an assortment of events including a variety of music, dance, and arts and crafts throughout the week, plus the new Grand Opening Party.

This new event will take place on Friday, November 13 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 pm.

All of the events are free to attend.

Lake View Casino is offering special discount rates on select tickets for Nightlife tickets.

These discounted rates are available for people 21 years of age or older and are valid from 10:30 p.d. on Thursday, November 19 through 10:45 p.y.

The discount is valid at the box office, on the Lake View casino’s website and in-person at the restaurant, bars and lounges.

Nightlife offers guests the chance to dance, dance hard and party on-site for an evening of music and fun.

Lake View has a wide variety of events to choose from including the first annual Lakeview Music Festival, which includes live entertainment, performances, and a photo booth.

Lakeview Casino and Resort, located at 1425 W. Halsted, will also offer its first ever evening of entertainment at its Casino Nightclub.

This club, located in the heart of downtown, features a rotating lineup of live music every Sunday from 6:00 to 10 p.s.m., plus two nights of entertainment each Sunday from 10 p-12:30 a.m, featuring local acts like The Kitten Crew and more.

In addition to the Casino Night Club, the Lake Shore Hotel will host its second annual Nightclub Night on Friday nights starting on Saturday, November 16.

This night of entertainment is free to the public.

Lake Shore Hotel, located on the lakefront, is the only hotel in Chicago that is owned by a casino and provides a wide range of accommodations.

Located in the River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago, Lake Shore is a popular nightspot for locals and tourists alike.

Lake City Entertainment Group, which owns Lake View, is bringing its first Nightlife show to Lakeview this fall.

The first night of Nightlife, the annual Lake City Music Festival will be hosted by local artists, DJs and musicians, with performances and food trucks to follow on the main stage.

In total, there will be eight different performances from artists and more than a dozen food trucks from around the area.

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