Vancouver’s beach-viewing paradise, Santa Cruz, ‘a jewel of a place’

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (The Canadian Press) — VANCOUS, British Colombia — The beaches are a jewel of the city’s waterfront.

“We have the world’s best beach, Vancouver Island,” says Victor Santos, head of the Vancouver Beach Conservancy.

“If you look at it from the shoreline, you can see it is a jewel.

It is beautiful.

I know people say that it is too crowded.

They are right.

But you can’t get there and not have fun.”

That is precisely the case on Vancouver Island, which boasts some of the best views in the world.

But it is also a popular destination for tourists and a place where some people can get a little bit rowdy.

It has also been the scene of several major crimes in recent years, including a shooting at the Royal Canadian Legion on Vancouver’s waterfront in November.

“I am afraid that the police are becoming more concerned about the safety of the visitors to Vancouver Island as a tourist destination,” says Pedro López, a veteran journalist who was once the head of Colombian news agency CNA.

Lópsa, who has worked as a columnist for Colombia’s National Geographic and is now a political analyst for the New York Times, says he has received numerous death threats in recent weeks.

“It is very dangerous, and I feel unsafe to be a journalist covering this,” he said.

“They threaten me every day, and they do it at my house.

I do not know who the criminals are, and why they are doing it.

But they want to harm me.”

There have been other recent cases of violence, but not as serious as the one on Vancouver.

Last year, the U.S. State Department said there were “significant indications” that organized crime was targeting tourists in Vancouver.

“Violence has become more of a concern as the summer season approaches,” says Christine Pappas, deputy assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs.

“In some cases, the violence is directed at the tourists themselves.”

One of the most recent incidents, in August, involved two men armed with assault rifles who robbed a tourist boat on Vancouver Harbour and stole some cash.

The victim told authorities he was robbed at gunpoint on a ferry and then stabbed in the chest.

Police say the suspects were also involved in a robbery of a tourist-operated restaurant on Vancouver Street in April.

On June 15, a man stabbed two women to death while they slept at a park.

Police are also investigating a shooting on Vancouver Beach on June 6.

A man and woman were shot dead at the intersection of Vancouver Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard in September.

Police have said the gunman was an unknown man who was also shot by bystanders.

On Wednesday, a woman and her infant son were killed when a man drove a car into pedestrians in the intersection.

“Vancouver has become an international destination for the tourists who visit Vancouver Island for their vacation,” said Patricia Caruso, Vancouver’s chief city planner.

“The problem is that this is happening in a place that is considered safe.”

She said she was aware of a handful of recent crimes.

But, she said, it was “an isolated incident.”

The most recent case involved a robbery at a bar in Vancouver in June, where two people were stabbed to death.

Police said the suspect was shot by the bar’s manager after he attempted to rob the woman.

In a statement, Vancouver police said the suspects “had no intention to hurt anyone.”

Police have not released the identity of the victims, who are believed to be in their early 30s.

The Vancouver Island Tourism Board says the recent spate of crimes is an “ongoing and concerning trend.”

The board said it has increased security at its tourist sites and is conducting an investigation into the shootings.

“As a result, our tourism programs are not as available to our clients and our staff, and the number of crimes that we receive are limited,” said the board’s executive director, Peter MacNaughton.

“This is not an isolated incident, and it is not uncommon to see these types of incidents.”

Carusos says that the city needs to do more to protect its tourists.

“People should be allowed to come to Vancouver without being worried about their safety,” she said.

In August, Vancouver RCMP issued an alert about a man walking on the streets of the downtown area and yelling obscenities at a group of tourists.

Officers were called to the scene and the man was taken into custody.

“When you go into the city, you should feel safe, and you should not feel unsafe,” said Carusas.

“And it is really important that tourists are safe in their surroundings.”

In a recent interview with CNA, Lóñez said he had been called by the U:S.

Embassy to provide information about crimes committed in Vancouver