‘We’ve been through so much’: How the Puerto Rican earthquake affected the US news cycle

With the US territory of Puerto Rico now officially declared free from the deadly 2011 storm, Americans are now looking back to the aftermath.

The most interesting stories to emerge from the storm were the impact it had on American society, and the way the island has changed.

Here are six of the most interesting.1.

‘The hardest day of my life’: Before the storm, Puerto Rico was a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

The island was home to more than 20 million people, but just 2.5 percent of them had a permanent home.

Now, however, that number is expected to fall below 1 million.

This is due to the impact of the storm and the devastation it caused, said Puerto Rico Gov.

Alejandro Garcia Padilla.2.

‘We lost our minds’: This story, published in The New York Times, is about a woman named Stephanie who lost everything in the storm.

The day after the storm struck, she left her home in Puerto Rico to take refuge in Florida.

She eventually reached Florida and began living there for a year.3.

‘A day of mourning’: This image shows two of the survivors of the massive storm on the streets of the United States.

One is an elderly man and the other is a woman in a wheelchair.

The elderly man has been named Thomas.4.

‘It’s not what you think’: The image of a pregnant woman with her unborn child in the back of a car has been shared more than 1.5 million times on Facebook.5.

‘Walking with the dead’: This photo was taken at the beach in Puerto Rican territory of Vieques.

Many Puerto Ricans who have been in the U.S. for years have had the chance to go on vacation, but many people who have returned from the island are still dealing with the effects of the hurricane.

The image shows a woman lying in a hospital bed, surrounded by her family.

She has suffered multiple strokes, but doctors have told her she will be OK.6.

‘This is how you pay for the island’: This graphic shows the aftermath of Hurricane Maria on the island of Vieque.7.

‘Everyone is a winner’: This video shows the impact the storm has had on the people of Puerto Rican island.

The people of Viequina, Puerto Ricos capital, say they have no way to survive.

Their homes are destroyed and many have lost their jobs.8.

‘I was a young person’: This photograph shows a young Puerto Rican man, who is now in his 60s, in his hometown of Cancun.

He is wearing a jacket and tie, a white hat, and a pair of glasses.9.

‘How long can I do this?’

This photo of a young man, whose life has changed drastically since the storm hit, shows his grandmother.

He says he can’t take it anymore.10.

‘No one can replace me’: This young man is now able to walk.

He had difficulty walking for many months because of the strain of the pain he received from his right foot.

He has been able to use a cane.11.

‘My life changed forever’: This picture shows the damage left by Hurricane Maria.

It was taken in Cancún, the capital of the Dominican Republic, where residents have been struggling with the damage caused by the storm as well as the fact that their homes have collapsed.12.

‘You can’t stop me’: In this image, a young woman walks past an empty restaurant in Cádiz, Puerto Rican capital.

She said she wanted to return to Puerto Rico, but was denied the chance because of her age.13.

‘When you see me, you will know that I have a soul’: This woman is wearing an expression of shock as she walks in front of the devastated Puerto Rican National Museum in Cucuta, Puerto Rica.14.

‘Don’t give up’: This is the image of this young man who lost his home in the aftermath a massive hurricane.

He said he was scared to leave Puerto Rico because he could not see the people who lived there and could not help them.15.

‘To the island, to the city’: This portrait shows the destruction left by the aftermath to Hurricane Maria, which was taken on the beach of the city of San Juan, Puerto Río Público.16.

‘All I wanted was to get back home’: This elderly woman who lost her home was among the first to leave the island after the hurricane struck.

She was visiting her granddaughter in a nearby village when she was forced to flee.17.

‘Nothing will ever change’: This man has now decided to move back to Puerto Ricolos hometown, San Juan.

He lost everything when the storm knocked down his house.18.

‘They were scared’: This Puerto Rican woman has been struggling to stay on her own for years