How to take in the sights of Milan without missing a game

The best sights to visit during the Milan International Film Festival.1.

St Peter’s Basilica The basilica’s famous golden dome is flanked by a church, and its facade is adorned with stained glass windows and a huge stone mosaic.2.

Milan’s Great Hall The main hall of Milan’s historic city hall, known as St Peterís Basilica, is also home to the National Football Club, the national team and other events.3.

Palazzo di Milano (Piano Hall) A classical concert hall, Pianzione Palazzi di Milana is home to a full orchestra and numerous live music performances.4.

The Santa Maria (St. Sebastian) The famous medieval church has a beautiful stained glass facade and an enormous stained glass dome that spans the church.5.

Palermo Opera House (Pianello) An imposing cathedral-like structure, the Santa Maria Opera House is a symbol of the city and a place of pilgrimage for many Italians.6.

Venezia Giulia (Venezia Dei) The city’s historic waterfront is dotted with shops, restaurants and even a popular nightclub.7.

Il Duce (Ducal Hall) The Ducal Hall is a beautiful medieval-style building in Milan that is known for its ornate stained glass ceiling and elaborate friezes.8.

Piazza delle Mascarelli (Piazza di Citta) One of the most popular attractions in Milan, Piazzale delle Mallarelli, the main street of the Italian city, is home, among other attractions, to an amazing statue of the Virgin Mary.9.

Vincenza di San Pietro (Café Vincenzia) A popular Italian restaurant, the café is located in the heart of Milan and offers traditional Italian dishes such as pasta with ricotta and mushroom, salads and breadsticks.10.

Ponte Vecchio (Ponte delle Pietro) One part of Milan, the Ponte del Le Pietro is home for the city’s famous Ponte di Vecchio, the historic district that includes the historic Vincenzo di San Pio neighborhood.11.

San Benedetto (San Benedetta) The oldest part of the City of Rome, the San Benedettta is home of Milanese restaurants, a popular destination for visitors.12.

Boccaccio (Boccaccia) An old-fashioned theater, Boccacchi opera house is the site of a popular theatre production.13.

Cremonese Palace (Palazzo della Cremone) The grand palace, Cremo dell’Antica, which dates back to the 15th century, has been the site for concerts, sporting events, and other popular events.14.

Museo di Milan (Museum of Milan) The Museo de Milan (Milan’s city museum) is a landmark in Milan’s cultural history and is home mostly to architectural exhibits and cultural events.15.

Pisa (Pisa) Pisa is Italy’s oldest city, with its city hall and historic districts, which are also known as the Pisa di Segundis.16.

Palà della Concilia (Palace of the Concilions) Palazzio di Palà is Italyís most famous tourist attraction.

It was founded by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci in 1454.

It is located just outside of Florence, Italy.17.

Colosseum (Colosseums) The Colosseye is a giant square arena in Rome’s Colosso neighborhood.

It holds some of the biggest and most famous sporting events in the world, such as the Olympics and the World Cup.18.

Villa delle Cattolica (Villa della Corriere) Villa dellla Cattolia is Italy´s oldest and largest residential neighborhood, home to some of Italy´ s most famous and iconic buildings.

It also includes the famed Piazzi Fountain.19.

Musee di Roma (Museo Roma) The Museum of Roma is Italy s largest urban museum.

It houses many of Italy s most prestigious art collections, as well as some of its most iconic historic buildings, such the Roma Castle, Romanesque Chapel and the Romanese House of the Holy Family.20.

Fiumicino (Fiumicina) Fiumico is Italys oldest castle.

It has stood as the main residence of King Louis XII and is the seat of Rome’s capital for more than a century.21.

Santa Maria di Cipollini (Mira di CIPLLI) Santa Maria Di Cipllo is ItalyS oldest cathedral and is one of the two major churches of Rome.

It’s located just east of Rome in the city of Ferrara.22.

Via Cattelano (Via Cattelle) Via Città is one the main tourist attractions of Milan