Which places are in the spotlight in New York City?

The best sightseeing in the city is always New York, with the exception of a few places in Queens and the Bronx.

But you can also take in sights in the Brooklyn and Staten Island areas, as well as the Bronx and Queens.

We’ve ranked the 10 most notable spots in New Jersey.


The Rockaway Beach House and Museum The Rockaways Beach House is the oldest living museum on Long Island, and one of the most beautiful.

The museum opened in 1949, but it was never really completed.

Today, it houses the largest collection of prehistoric stone artifacts in the world.

You can see it in all its glory, as it hosts several activities, including an annual Native American Festival and the annual Native America Walk.

The house was designed by architect J. Howard Warshaw and the original owner was an Italian immigrant.

The interior is beautifully restored, and you can enjoy a day in the sun in the grand auditorium.

This is a must-see for any New Jersey native or visitor.


The St. Nicholas Catholic Church and Cathedral This church and cathedral is one of New Jersey’s most popular sights, especially at night.

The cathedral is home to a choir of Saint Nicholas, which is one the most famous angels of the Bible.

This building was originally built in 1846 by the St. James Catholic Church, but the church was eventually purchased by the Episcopal Church of New Brunswick, which was built in 1912.

The church now houses the Cathedral of St. Mark, one of only three in the New World.


The Piscataqua River View The Pisces River View is located in the heart of Piscataway, in the county of Camden.

It’s a beautiful, well-preserved historical site.

You won’t find a better view of the Piscatequa River than the Pisce River View, a beautiful walkway that cuts through the city, with views of the Stony Point Lighthouse and the historic buildings of Stony Island.

The view can be amazing, with a view of Stoney Island, Cape May, New Jersey, and the surrounding towns.


The Taconic Park The Taunton Park is located on the south side of New York State, just south of Syracuse.

The park features the famous Tauntsville Mill and the Taunty Pond, a popular spot for fishing.

The Mill was built by William and Mary in 1674 and is considered one of America’s oldest mills.

The Pond was built around 1750 by the American Civil War veteran William Taunsville.

The mill still exists today.


Mount Moriah This beautiful, 5,000-year-old, 4,000 foot-tall stone structure is located at the base of Mount Moriacco.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is home of the oldest permanent human settlement in the U.S. It has been the site of several archaeological digs and remains of the last mill.

This historic site is an amazing experience to explore and is located just minutes from the New York metropolitan area.


The Upper East Side New York’s Upper East and Upper West Side are both located on Manhattan’s Upper West side, and are often referred to as the Upper East Village and Upper Manhattan.

The two neighborhoods are home to many historic landmarks and cultural and historical sites.


The West Village West Village is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, and it is home for a wide range of activities.

It features museums, parks, restaurants, and shopping.

It also hosts a number of concerts and performances, as there is a large population of visitors.


The Hudson Valley Visitors to the Hudson Valley are attracted to the beautiful landscape of the Hudson River Valley.

The water is beautiful and it’s the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon or evening swim in the river.

The river itself is a beautiful place to explore, with many restaurants and shops offering seafood and traditional foods.


The Catskills The Catskill Mountains are a unique region of New England, where the landscape and the people live in harmony.

There are many hiking trails, many birdwatching areas, and many recreational opportunities.

The region is also home to several historic sites.


The Bronx The Bronx is a borough of New Yorkers, with over 400,000 people in its population.

The city is home and pride of the Bronx, and has been known as one of North America’s most beautiful and diverse cities for over a century.

The borough is home a variety of landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, the New Jersey Turnpike, the Statue Park, and most recently, the Brooklyn Bridge.