Why you need to see Venice for your vacation: This is a guide

If you’re going to Venice, do it in a boat.

This is the main reason, according to a guidebook published by Venetian tourism.

The guidebook was published in October, and the first of three that will be produced over the next year.

The first three are intended to teach tourists to navigate the Venice coastline, to visit the city’s many historic landmarks and to learn more about the city.

The book also explains the importance of the city in the context of its Mediterranean history, with a section on Venice’s relationship to the Roman Empire and its connection to the world.

The Venice City Council also has a Venice City Guides program, which allows locals and tourists to meet each other, learn about the history of the City and discover local businesses.

Venice is a major tourist attraction, with around half a million tourists visiting the city annually.

The city has become a focal point for tourism, with more than one million visitors visiting during a single day last year.

Tourists often take pictures of the harbor, with the first pictures published in the guidebook.

In the book, Venice City Hall is featured in a photograph of the skyline.

For a city with an old and crumbling history, Venice is relatively safe, and there are several tourist-friendly sites along the coastline.

While Venice is the most famous tourist attraction in the world, its beaches are also famous for their proximity to the famous marina, where visitors can enjoy a dip and enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.