Boise’s ‘Halo of Stars’ is a ‘living art piece’ of Boise’s skyline

Boise, Idaho (AP) — The Boise skyline is an iconic symbol of Boise and the state, and is a popular destination for tourists from around the world.

But it’s also a place where many Boise residents find themselves living at night.

“It’s kind of a living art piece,” said Boise resident Rebecca L. Baughman.

“It’s a really iconic place.

It’s where a lot of Boiseans come to enjoy, and it’s a place that we live in.”

The city’s iconic Halsey Square has long been a favorite spot for visitors to hang out.

Bowers and Strickland Park, one of Boise County’s best-known parks, is also a popular spot.

And it’s one of only a few Boise landmarks that is visible from downtown.

“The view from downtown is pretty nice, so there’s a lot to see,” said Baughmon, who grew up in the area.

She said she and her husband, Todd, are staying up until 2 a.m. to watch the sunrise, which is a little earlier than usual.

The city is not immune to the phenomenon of nighttime skywatching.

Bowers and Strickland Park have both been a popular place for the city to host special events like concerts, weddings and fireworks.

The Stricklands are a local landmark for generations of locals and visitors, and for good reason.

It was the site of the city’s first public housing project in 1874.

That helped foster the local economy.

But more recently, the Strickslaves were targeted by the U.S. government for demolition, with plans for the land to be torn down to make way for housing.

After that, the city bought the land from the Stricklanders.

The neighborhood is a destination for locals to relax and catch up on work.

“A lot of people have just moved out here,” Baughmann said.

“The neighborhood itself is pretty vibrant.

You can just see the city and the surrounding area and the mountains.”

People enjoy the sightseeing at the Boise Historic District.

It is a unique spot for people to enjoy.

It does have its share of unique sights, like the Halseys.

But Baughmen said it’s not unusual to see people in the middle of the night to watch stars.

“I’ve been up for an hour, and I’ve seen people come up and they’ve been watching a lot,” she said.

Baughman said she hopes people can come to her spot and enjoy the sunrise.

“Hopefully they’re just here to enjoy the view,” she joked.

The “Halo” of stars is a living and breathing art piece of Boise.

It sits atop a city landmark, and its appearance has attracted a lot more attention.

The Halseies have also attracted a number of tourists.

It was one of the first buildings constructed in Boise and was designed by architect William H. Halse, who died in 1974.

In fact, it’s the only one of its kind in the state.

It’s also one of several landmarks in Boise that is known for its starry sky.

There are also many other famous sights in the city.

The Boise Opera House, Boise City Hall and the Boise Botanical Garden are also all listed as sights on the Boise Tourism Guide.