How to find Hong Kong’s most exciting sightseeing spots

The city’s waterfront is home to some of the most vibrant sights in Asia.

Here are five spots worth exploring when visiting the city.


The Grand Hotel, Hong Kong 2.

Hong Kong Palace, Hongkong 3.

The Palace of the Pearl, Hong kong 4.

The Hong Kong Museum, Hong Kowloon 5.

The Hualien Palace, Hualiens, Hong Lim City 5.

Hong Lim International Hotel, Hialiens 6.

The Queen’s Gardens, Wan Chai 7.

HongKong Central Hotel, Wan Chi Kok 8.

The Kowloons Palace Hotel, Kowlons Bay 9.

The Royal Palace, Kowtow, Koo Tsang 10.

The Pearl Hotel, Pearl 11.

The Golden Palace Hotel Hong Kong 12.

The Walled City, Hong Kok 13.

Hongkongs Gold Palace, HK 14.

Hong kongs gold castle, Hong-Kong 15.

The Forbidden City, the Forbidden City 16.

The Siam Tower, Bangkok 17.

The Tower of Power, Bangkok 18.

The Imperial Palace, Bangkok 19.

The Great Hall, Beijing 20.

The Empress Palace, Beijing 21.

The Blue House, Hong Sing, HongKongs capital city 22.

The Victoria Tower, Beijing 23.

The Tiananmen Square, Beijing 24.

The World Trade Centre, New York City 25.

The South Bank, London 26.

The London Eye, London 27.

The White House, Washington DC 28.

The Empire State Building, New Jersey 29.

The Sydney Opera House, Sydney 30.

The Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace 31.

The Taj Mahal, Taj Mahi, London 32.

The Statue of Liberty, New Orleans 33.

The Arc de Triomphe, Paris 34.

The Louvre, Paris 35.

The Colosseum, Rome 36.

The Acropolis, Athens 37.

The Forum, Athens 38.

The Temple of Constantine, Rome 39.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris 40.

The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome 41.

The Notre Dame de Paris, Paris 42.

The Vatican, Rome 43.

The Plaza de Mayo, Barcelona 44.

The Mall of the Americas, Orlando 45.

The Olympic Stadium, Las Vegas 46.

The Palais de Tokyo, Tokyo 47.

The Stade de France, Paris 48.

The Pompidou Center, Paris 49.

The Old Port, Paris 50.

The Crystal Palace, Paris 51.

The Fondation d’Honneur, Nice 52.

The Gala Palace, Nice 53.

The Guggenheim Museum, New Rochelle 54.

The Art Deco Museum, Berlin 55.

The Musee d’Orsay, Paris 56.

The Lido, Paris 57.

The Céline de Paris-Nord, Paris 58.

The Ville d’Auteuil, Paris 59.

The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa 60.

The Place Vendôme, Paris 61.

The Champs Elysées, Paris 62.

The Salon de l’Etranger, Paris 63.

The Orchard, Paris 64.

The Olympia, Paris 65.

The Ritz Carlton, London 66.

The Palladium, London 67.

The Shard, London 68.

The Barbican, London 69.

The New York Stock Exchange, New Yorker 70.

The Lincoln Center, New Yorkers 71.

The Opera House Tokyo 72.

The Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai 73.

The Big Apple, New England 74.

The Museum of Modern Art, New Haven, Connecticut 75.

The Bowery, NewYork 76.

The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 77.

The MOMA, Washington 78.

The Natural History Museum, London 79.

The Rockefeller Center,New York 80.

The British Museum, Washington 81.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art,Newark, NewJersey 82.

The Tate Modern, London 83.

The Botanical Gardens, London 84.

The Lyceum, London 85.

The Met, London 86.

The Prada Collection, Paris 87.

The Ballet, Paris 88.

The Paris Opera, Paris 89.

The Alhambra, Rome 90.

The Belvedere, Paris 91.

The Theatre of Delphinus, Paris 92.

The Pantheon, Paris 93.

The Seagrams Museum, San Francisco 94.

The City of Light, San Diego 95.

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai 96.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore 97.

The TIFF Bell Lightbox, Singapore 98.

The Hollywood Palladium London 99.

The House of Blues, Hollywood 100.

The Rock Opera House in Moscow 101.

The Performing Arts Centre in Stockholm 102.

The International Opera in Stockholm 103.

The Musée de la Bourse in Paris 104.

The Concert Hall in Paris 105.

The Fine Arts Museum in London 106.

The Hermitage, London 107.

The Schoenefeld House,