The top five sights to visit in Kyushu, Japan

Kyushus are a diverse mix of landscapes and culture, but you’ll likely find them all here.

There’s not a lot to do in Kyoshu, but it does offer a plethora of sights that will keep you entertained.

From hiking the famed Mount Fuji to diving in the sea, we’ve compiled the top five sightseeing spots in Japan.1.

Mount Fuji (Mt Fuji, Japan)Ahead of the Mount Fuji lookout point, the Mount is one of the most recognizable mountains in Japan and is a landmark that has served as a landmark for more than two millennia.

It is one half of Mount Fuji National Park and lies just south of Tokyo.2.

Kojiro Dome (Kojiro Temple, Tokyo)One of the oldest temples in Japan, Kojimete Temple is located at the top of Mount Kojirei, which is the highest peak in the country.

It was built around 870 AD.

The Kojijo Temple is one among many temples in the area and the temple was also the site of the first Japanese settlement.3.

Kijiki Temple (Kijiki Shrine, Kyoto)Kijikis shrine is one the oldest in the world and one of Japan’s oldest temples.

Built in the 12th century, it is one to remember.


Koyasakabashi Temple (Mount Koyasu, Tokyo/Kansai)Mount Koyaasa is one part of the Koyosu-Kiyoshu region, and is one amongst the oldest and largest mountain in Japan with over 400,000 peaks.

Koyasaki is one in the largest mountain ranges in Japan on the southern island of Kyushū.

Koyaasa Temple is a beautiful and beautiful site.



Fuji, Mount Fuji Sightseeing (Kyushu Sightseeing, Japan)”The top five places to visit around KyushU in Japan are as follows.”

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