Maine’s Bali Sightseeing, Maine Sightseeing guide

MOUNT PLEASANT, Maine — Maine’s best-known sightseeing spots include Bali and Mount Pleasant, the two most popular sites for sightseeing in Maine.

But in a state where the only official road to the summit of Mount Pleasant is a six-mile walk from a parking lot, it is hard to find many of the sights in these picturesque towns.

It’s not uncommon to find just a few spots to check out, including the old-time taverns at Bali, but it’s not easy to get to.

“I know there’s a lot of good hiking in these towns, but you have to be very careful where you go,” said Steve Miller, who lives in Bali.

“The parking lot is kind of a place to get away from it all, because there are people who just want to walk in and check it out.”

A quick trip to the Bali parking lot can set you back $8 for a full day.

But it can be a long day of hiking.

The parking lot has signs at the entrance saying it is “open daily,” which Miller says is not always the case.

The sign also says that there are “no pets allowed” but Miller said he saw a dog in the parking lot.

Miller said that, after a week or so of walking, he noticed that some of the spots were less than ideal.

“There are places that are very dirty and there are places where it’s really dirty,” he said.

“It’s really hard to tell what’s clean and what’s not.”

The parking lots are mostly used by tourists who want to visit the nearby towns of Whitehead, Litchfield and Topsail.

Miller and his wife, Jessica, have lived in the area for years.

He said that he used to be able to get there in 15 minutes from his house.

“When we started, there was this big sign that said ‘Parking.’

I was like, ‘I can’t drive that fast.

Why would I drive here?’

It was really scary,” he told The Associated Press.

He now has a few hundred dollars in the bank to buy groceries and gas and is working on getting a car, he said, and is considering getting a boat.

Miller said he doesn’t mind when his neighbors drive him to his house because they are “trying to do their part to be better neighbors.”

But he also said that the parking areas are “a little bit unsafe.”

“It’s not as safe as you would think.

You have to look at the parking spots, you have cars on the road, it’s just not as nice,” Miller said.

Miller hopes that the state can fix parking problems and bring back the sightseeing sites.

“You have to get a permit for a sightseeing permit and you have the right to stop there.

There’s a certain limit.

You can’t have people standing in the middle of the road with nothing on them,” he explained.

The state has several programs to help people get around the parking problem.

The state Department of Public Safety has a special permit for sightseers who want their own vehicles to park at the sightsee locations.

The Department of Natural Resources offers a temporary parking permit for people who want a short-term spot to park their cars.

The parks department also offers temporary permits for those who want short- or long-term parking at the site.

There is a website for those looking to get around parking problems.

The parks department website also lists other resources for sightseekers who are having difficulty getting around parking in the state, including tips on how to report parking problems to the parks department.

A state transportation task force also has a website to help residents and businesses get around to finding their parking.

The AP reached out to the state for comment, but has not yet received a response.

Miller is not alone.

Many residents in the nearby communities of Whiteheads and Litchfields said they find the parking problems frustrating.

Miller described his experience as “really frustrating.”

“I’ve been out here about 10 minutes, I’ve been on the sidewalk and it’s like, I’m just trying to get in,” Miller told the AP.

“You have people walking around, it makes it very, very hard to get through.”

Maine’s transportation system is not the only one to have trouble getting around to the parking.

The department of transportation is planning to launch a pilot program to try to fix the problem by the end of the year.