How Jordan and Israel plan to attract more tourists to Jordan

The Middle East has long been a tourist destination, with Israel hosting more than 80 percent of the world’s visitors in 2016.

But now, with a new influx of tourists coming from Europe, Jordan is looking to take advantage of the economic boom by adding some of its own to the itinerary.

Jordan’s tourism agency, Tourism Israel, announced on Monday that it is partnering with the U.K.-based company, Jordan Travel, to offer a wide range of sightseeing passes, with discounts on airfare and hotels to be offered by the end of the year.

The Jordan Travel Pass will be available on the company’s website for $99 a year and includes two nights at a luxury hotel, four nights at an airport and one night in a private airport with a VIP tour.

The pass includes a one-way pass for up to 10 nights at the luxury hotel and will allow travelers to book one night at the hotel and one day at the airport.

The Pass also provides unlimited overnight airfare to any destination in Jordan.

The Pass will cost approximately $80.50 a person and include unlimited overnight hotel stays at the Marriott Downtown, and a hotel room at the Dubai World Resort.

The total price includes tax, duty, gratuity, taxes, taxes and fees.

Jordan Travel Pass holders will also be eligible for complimentary hotel stays for two nights in the Emirates Dubai Grand Hotel, a three-night stay at the Emirates Resorts in Dubai and one complimentary night at a luxurious villa in Al Ain, Jordan.

Travel Pass holders also will be able to choose to book three days at a resort hotel or a four-day stay at a private villa.

The hotel will cost between $99 and $199 a night, with the villa costing between $199 and $300 a night.

Jordan Travel will also offer a discounted option for international travelers, with rates ranging between $29.99 and 99.99 per person per night.

The company has plans to offer additional perks in the future.

Jordan will host its first official European-style tour on Oct. 20.

The group, which includes a U.S.-based photographer and an Israeli-American travel agent, will travel from Jordan to Israel, including the Tel Aviv International Airport, and back.

The tour will be conducted by Jordan’s national tourism agency and will include stops at a number of landmarks, including Tel Aviv’s famous Golden Gate Bridge, a city known for its Jewish heritage, the Mount of Olives, the Tel Abyad desert, and the Tel Rumeida Temple.

The official itinerary will feature stops at the Western Wall, the Holy Land Museum and the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Jordan Tourism Pass holders can register online, by calling 1-800-335-3635 or at the company website.

Jordan and Israel are among the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world.

The country welcomed nearly 1.3 million visitors in 2017, and about 2.2 million people visited the Jewish state last year, according to the World Tourism Organization.

The tourism industry has seen a number other changes over the years, including new regulations governing the use of air travel and air travel carriers.

The last round of new regulations was implemented in 2020, and Jordan was one of the first countries to implement the new rules.

Jordan is one of several Arab nations that have been cracking down on the smuggling of tourists and other visitors to their countries.

Tourism, a significant portion of Jordan’s GDP, is primarily produced through tourism, with about $4.3 billion of that coming from tourism-related industries in the country.

The tourism sector accounts for nearly 30 percent of total foreign exchange earnings in Jordan, and exports to Israel and the European Union account for nearly a quarter of that.