‘I hope this is not the end’: German tourists in awe of Italy

A German tourist from New York, a first-time visitor to Germany, had a surprise for his hosts at their Italian-themed hotel last week: he got a glimpse of a famous Italian castle.

On Tuesday, the visitor, who was visiting Berlin with his girlfriend, was at the Hotel Brescia in the city’s trendy Neukölln district when he noticed the entrance to a large building adorned with pictures of Italian towns and landscapes.

The visitor told a local newspaper, the Allgemeine Zeitung, that he was amazed when he saw the entrance and when he walked in, he was told that there was a great attraction waiting for him in the lobby.

The hotel was also equipped with a sign that read: ‘Welcome to Bresci’ on one wall, and ‘Brescia’ on the other.

It is not yet known whether the visitor had a chance to take a photo before he was ushered into the room and escorted out.

He was greeted by a German woman who gave him a warm hug and asked if he had a photo to take.

A German tourist in Berlin, who had been to the Hotel Château Bresca, has now been told he will not be able to see any more of the castle after he complained about its lack of a sign saying ‘Brest’ in English, according to local newspaper the Allgäuen.